Every great artist begins with a blank canvas. Artemas creates perfection throughout every page of your site.

gather actual info

Gathering the right information is the first step for a successful project.

We will arrange brainstorming sessions to help us understand your business and your needs for the project. When we design the look and feel of your site, many things will need to be taken into consideration such as purpose, goal, target audience, and content.

scope of the work

With the gathered information, we then develop a project scope and site map.

This will guide us on what exactly the project entails and the essentials for developing an easy to understand project flow. At this point we then decide on which technologies to implement such as CMS (content management system), Wordpress, and Laravel etc.

skech and design

A thrilling look and feel of the site starts with a white paper.

Here we sketch the look and feel of the site. With the manipulation of the key factors of the target audience, color palettes and content we create designs to suit Age-groups, Branding Patterns and Key Selling Points. Typically there would be a different design for the teenage group and another for the middle aged. On completion of the design, client is engaged for assessments and all necessary alterations and additions pointed out for redress.

coding and format

Our experienced development Team will be engaged at this point.

Our frontline developers will work on the design to give an interactive html version. Simultaneously, the back-end development team will be working so that the finished htmls will be integrated to the defined Content Management System. Throughout the process, you will be able to view your site in our staging server to suggest corrections or any changes you may want made.

testing the quality

The key to building a quality website is on assurance that the site is optimized and compatible.

Our QA team is involved here for a final detailed testing of your web-site and ensures the requirements are completed. Such components like code formatting and validations, major device and browser compatibility are checked for optimized fast loading.

upload beta version

Now comes the time to take it out there. A superb version is aired to your server once we get the final approval.

At this point, we then upload the files to your server and configure the Content Management System. Once the website goes live, our IT department ensures that essential security measures are taken to protect the site from malicious activities.

boost search growth

The Process is aimed at increasing the site’s visibility in search engines.

Simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is part of Search engine marketing and our dedicated SEO/SEM team feeds your website with the appropriate titles, meta keyword descriptions and social media marketing for a better ranking in search engines which increases the traffic to your site, creates prospectives and generates leads into more customers for your business.